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Apologize Free Sheet Music

Here you will find sheet music for Apologize.

One of the most requested songs of all my students is “Apologize” by One Republic. I had a fun time playing along with the recording on this one. Basically, it repeats the same four chords throughout the whole song: Cm, Ab, Eb, Bb. This is in the key of Eb and has three black keys – Bb, Eb, and Ab. It could also be argued that it is in the key of C minor, but the phrasing ends with an Eb so I’ll go with that.

Basically, when you start learning this, you want to break the chords down one hand at a time. Start with your right and learn the notes of the intro. Those notes then become block chords for the rest of the song. The left hand is simple – just repeat C, Ab, Eb, and D over and over. The song has four sections of music: the first section is the introduction and includes the broken chords. Then the verse has the block chords. You can continue to play the block chords on the chorus, or you can play a counter melody which is heard behind everything and is on page 2 of the intermediate tutorial. Finally, the instrumental interlude between the first chorus and second verse is the same as the introduction but up an octave.

Overall, this song is very repetitive and easy to play once you get the initial chords down. I hope you enjoy playing along with the recording. Please leave a comment if you found this helpful, or have any requests!

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Below you will find sheets, notes, beginner tutorial, videos, and MIDI!

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Right click to download ==>  MIDI

Easy Apologize Sheet Music

Apologize Video Tutorial

Apologize Video

Apologize Sheet Music Level 2

Apologize Sheet Music With Notes



Apologize – One Republic — 9 Comments

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  2. Thank you for putting the notes up for different songs. I am new with playing a piano. And your notes are really helpful. Additionally the youtube videos with instructions of how to play the song is very help full because this is my first time playing a piano. Thanks a bunch. God bless you.

  3. Im confused which sheets do I need to download are they all the same on different levels, how many piano sheets are there altogether in the whole of the song?

    • Thanks for this comment. It reminds me I need to break this post out into several posts. In the meantime, the sheets are all for the same song.
      The first sheet is great because it has the chord changes. The video tutorial matches each of the sheets.
      The second sheet is the same thing but without the letter names (notes.)
      The third sheet is just the first page only in big print so it’s easy to read and it has notes.
      I can understand why it might be confusing, there are a lot of resources here!
      So click here first:
      And download from scribd. Leave a comment if you can’t download.
      In the meantime, please feel free to join my newsletter to learn to read music!

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